Rustic Marlin

Antique Your Word + 50 Stars Flag Marlin Classic - Natural Frame

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Please Select the Correct # of Characters (Each Letter, Symbol or Space Represents 1 Block): 2

  • The Antique Your Word + 50 Stars Flag Marlin Classic is our signature product that is truly one-of-a-kind. What started as our very first product, has grown to become a must-have statement piece in homes and businesses across the country. The Marlin Classic is a go-to gift for everything from weddings to housewarmings and even birthdays. Whether it is a name, favorite location, or meaningful word; anything goes! 
    Note: If the number of blocks selected does not match the number of characters in your phrase, we will contact you to correct the order before it can be processed. For example, if your last name is SMITH and you want an EST symbol at the end, this will be a 6 block sign and you should select 6 for "# of Characters". The price and size of your Marlin Classic will vary depending on the number of characters in your phrase.
    • Comes in Antique Navy Font w/ Full Color American Flag on end
    • Includes two sturdy hooks on back for simplified hanging.
    • Each piece is uniquely handcrafted in Massachusetts; final pieces may vary from photos shown.
    • "Antique Font" are ALL UPPER CASE.
    • All products are made to order and will ship approximately two weeks from order placement. *If you need to receive the item by a specific date, please contact us before purchasing.*
    • 2 Block = 12"H x 14.5"W
    • 3 Block = 12"H x 19"W
    • 4 Block = 12"H x 23.5"W
    • 5 Block = 12"H x 28"W
    • 6 Block = 12"H x 32.5"W
    • 7 Block = 12"H x 37"W
    • 8 Block = 12"H x 41.5"W
    • 9 Block = 12"H x 46"W
    • 10 Block = 12"H x 50.5"W
    • 11 Block = 12"H x 55"W
    • 12 Block = 12"H x 69.5"W