Melanie O'Neil featured on The Collective Co. Podcast

Written by Debra Lutsky


Posted on December 15 2021

Rustic Marlin Founder, Melanie O'Neil was recently a guest on The Collective Co. Podcast, a hyper-local podcast that shares the stories of women in their journey of entrepreneurship. We talked all about our Rustic Marlin journey and growth, how our roles have shifted as we've grown, measuring success, managing finances and more.

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Melanie talks about her incredible career and walks listeners through her background and story. She talks about Rustic Marlin and what led her and her husband to create and co-found the company. Melanie talks about her journey and experience with creating signs and business ownership and dives into challenges that she faced and overcame as they grew.

She touches on what she would tell herself if she could go back now. We discuss how the company has worked to partner with other companies and brands and how she approaches those partnerships and outreach. Melanie touches on how she was dividing her skill sets in the early days of Rustic Marlin vs. now and, as they have grown, how they have delegated responsibilities. She talks about tools that have become essential to her success and how she sets goals for the company and measures success. Melanie touches on what advice she would give to someone just starting out and also talks about Rustic Marlin’s Signs of Hope.