Mel's Office Makeover

Written by Taylor Adams


Posted on April 12 2022

"I am beyond inspired and so so happy with my refreshed space!"

There is a lot that goes into designing a space that feels refreshing and new. The first step was choosing the perfect "Melanie" wallpaper. We knew this would become the backdrop that would inspire her on a daily basis.

When we stumbled upon this Blue Maui Palm Leaf wallpaper we knew it would be the ideal blend of rustic meets coastal without being too masculine. It was a "must have" and gave us the design and vibe inspiration for the rest of the space.

There is nothing in this world that Mel loves more than her nieces and nephews! She has little mementos all over her office to remind her that they love her just as much. They even visit from time to time.

On Fridays, Mel loves to pick up fresh flowers as a way to brighten her day and make others smile. As a woman-led business, it's important to Mel that she feel fulfilled and accomplished. Just like flowers, people bloom where they are nurtured and this is exactly the culture Mel strives to provide her team.