@Schoolsidedesign Holiday Favorites

If you're needing ideas on how to decorate your house this holiday season, we've got you covered! Ashley from @Schoolsidedesign rounded up some of her favorite Rustic Marlin pieces for her home. Check out her top picks!

@schoolsidedesign holiday picks

Dear Santa Wooden Serving Tray

Our Dear Santa Wooden Serving Tray highlights handcrafted vintage style in a perfect size for any house. You’ll cherish this beautiful, rustic tray with a cozy holiday feel that is just the thing for setting up milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve (and a carrot for the the reindeer too!). You can also use our high-quality wooden serving tray as a delightful centerpiece or catchall for your dining table, kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand or ottoman. Our handcrafted wooden tray features sturdy cut out handles for comfortable carrying and transportation. 

Loving my new sign from @rusticmarlin! It’s one of my new additions to my Christmas decor and I’m loving it!
- Ashley

Our signature item that launched the brand! The Marlin Classic has grown to become a must have statement piece in homes and businesses. This best-selling signature style features a solid wooden frame with wooden block tiles nestled inside creating a warm, cozy feel. The Marlin Classic is a go-to gift for everything from weddings to housewarmings and even birthdays. The Home Marlin Classic with a heart is a great focal point to any gallery wall! There is no better way to bring your meaningful memories to life!

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