A Truck Load Of Hard Work

Ancient, rusted, worn down, old-fashioned. All words to describe the vintage truck design that has been sweeping the nation. This truck design, modeled after older cars like Hudson Big Boy C28, Chevrolet 3100, & Ford F-100 is now a staple in many home decor products. 
We jumped in the driver's seat and created our first truck design for our 2019 Holiday Collection. We soon realized just how popular these designs were and decided to include them in decor for every season. Hearts for Valentine’s Day, eggs for Easter, and so on. Our loyal consumers insisted on one for every season, and they quickly became bestsellers.  Our trucks even inspired both our Marlin Market and Marlin Mobile. 
Recently, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We wanted a design that spoke to the pure charm that these vehicles have in real life and to ensure the contents of the truck looked realistic and eye-catching. Our goal was to not only feature a truck design for every holiday but all the months in between.
Our graphic design intern, Erica Laubi, was tasked with painting a fresh take on these vintage classics. The objective was to give these trucks an update and add some dimension. Erica took that direction and ran with it. She added amazing features to every item she painted, elevating these art pieces from 2D to 3D. The sunflowers are now a rich shade of yellow with textured leaves and petals, the shamrocks have the subtlest details and hues of green, and so on. She was spot on with every shadow, shade, and detail.
Our Lead Graphic Designer, Taylor DeFrancesco, took Erica's hand-painted art and transformed them into the physical products our customers love. 
DeFrancesco said, “We felt truly honored to be able to rework such a timeless and iconic design that has contributed so much to the success of our products,” she continued, “we were so excited to not only get to work on it, but collaborate to really put our best foot forward on this project.”
We pride ourselves on being a brand that has exceeded the expectation of handcrafted products. Our talented team pours creativity into every detail. It's true that everything we make is handmade with love.